A Johnny & June Story

A Johnny & June Story 

(Well my name is Tara…so technically its a Johnny & Tara story…but June was way cooler for the title)

    So this whole entire “Valley Fly” thing was actually supposed to start as just a blog, so I find it ironic that it took off as a full-blown boutique and now its taken me 7 months to find the time to write the first blog post. That’s a good thing though, right?

{Flash back}

    Lets start on a quick overview of Johnny & I. We began dating December of 2013. I decided I wanted to get into modeling (I think that was my 25th career choice at that point…I tend to get ambitious about things, then get sick of them, then get yelled at by my father). Anyway, I contacted this guy named John that started his own clothing line, went and did a shoot, fell in love and now here we are. Johnny Fly & Valley Fly.

{Now, fast forward}

    I spent a long time helping John with Johnny Fly and almost as quickly as I got into it, I began to loose interest (remember my career choice issues from above? Point proven.) It was Johns “baby”…not mine. And no matter which way I tried to look at it, I was always going to feel that way.

    So, John came up with a crazy idea. Insert: Valley Fly! You’re telling me I can have a career where I get to design and shop for clothing all day?! SOLD. (Just kidding. There is WAY more to it than that…a girl can dream though, right?) Nevertheless, I didn’t think I could enjoy something so much in my life. We are still such an adolescent company, and are still trying to define ourselves, but we’re having a blast while doing so. I want to personally thank all of our customers and supporters that have made these past 7 months (less than a freakin’ year!) so amazing!

I’m ecstatic to have our blog finally up and running - We will focus on current fashion trends, traveling & just life in general…by the book, I think I’m just supposed to pick one topic for a blog...Oops. I look forward to sharing this crazy, beautiful & wild life with each of you!


Tara Masud

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