Our Story

    Valley Fly was born just outside of Charlotte, NC in the spirited foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  With a love of adventures, free spirits, bohemian lifestyles and fashion, we created the Valley Fly Boutique and brand.

    We believe that whatever you choose to do with your life, you should do it with passion and full commitment.  With this in mind, we emphasize the beauty in the details.  From the quality of our materials, to the free spirited, bohemian designs, a great deal of attention is given to even the smallest decision before it is made. Valley Fly not only focuses on the designs of our own products, but we also have passion to promoting other brands and designs that we feel like represent our lifestyle. 

    Here at Valley Fly, we find fulfillment in our job by being able to provide our girls with the clothing and accessories to allow them to express the adventurous, artistic side of themselves. We want our girls to be confident with the creative individual that they are.      


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